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  Stanic family as owners of beachfront apartments (hereinafter: Owners of apartments), here regulate general terms and conditions that apply to all guests in our apartments (hereinafter: Guests).


I. Reservations procedure

1. Reservation inquiry is sent to Owners of apartment via e-mail, telephone or face-to-face contact.

2. The Owners of apartments responds to the inquiry and if the response is positive, then the Guests are requested to pay the 30% deposit of the total rental costs (minimum EUR 120,00). After receiving the deposit, the reservation will be completed and the Owners of apartments are obliged to keep the desired period and apartment for the Guests until their arrival.

3. Rejection of inquiry: the Owners of apartments are entitled to reject inquiries for any reason.

4. Cancellation policy: If the Guests cancel the reservation after paying the deposit, and such cancellation occurs less then 15 days before the Guests' arrival, then the Owners of apartments are entitled to retain the whole deposit. If the cancellation occurs more than 15 days before the Guests' arrival, then the Owners of apartments are entitled to retain 50% of the Guests' deposit, and return the other 50% back to the Guests.


II. Settlement of Bills

5. All bills are to be settled in the first hour of the first day of the Guests' stay in the apartment, or else the Guests shall be asked to leave, and their deposit (if such has been paid earlier) retained. Settlement of bills includes the payment of the total (or the remainder of the total) amount for services.

6. Refunds policy: There will be no refunds once the Guests start using the apartment, after having settled all the bills, under no circumstances.


III. House order

7. A stay at our accommodation units begins at 14:00 hours, on the first day and ends at 10.00 hours, on the last day of your stay. A total number of days you stayed at our apartments does not include the last day of your stay (day of your departure).

8. In this apartments, the time of night rest begins at 23:00 and ends at 8.00, on the next morning. During this time, the guests are urged and obligated to respect the appropriate quietness.

9. During their stay, guests can use all the appointments inside their apartments, as well as those on the outside, such as grill on terrace. Guests use grill for free but must get a charcoal and/or wood at their own expense.

10. During every shift of guests, apartments are being completely cleaned and tidied up. Towels, table linen and bed linen are being changed during every shift of guests or every seven days, in case the guests are still in the apartment. In such a case, the guests have to change the towels, bed linen and table linen, themselves and give them to Owners of apartments (clean ones are brought by the Owners of apartments every seven days).

11. On their arrival, guests get the key to their apartment and they can keep it till the end of their stay.

12. The guests are obligated to manage all the furniture and fittings well and considerately. In case of breakage or loss of a certain object from the apartment, a guest is obligated to inform the Owners of apartments of that matter in same day after the incident. A guest is also obligated to refund the value of a broken or lost object.

13. The Owners of apartments has a right to enter ones apartment (when the guest is absent) in special circumstances. That happens when the Owners of apartments concludes that entry is necessary to avoid a damage or danger of a predictable or an unpredictable proportion (emanation of water, wind that can damage the casement). In case of such an entry, the Owners of apartmants will inform the guest about the time and the reason of intervention.

14. Persons, who are not registered as guests at our accommodation units, can not stay, sleep or spend the night within our apartments. For all visitors it is necessary to have permission of apartment Owners.

15. It is not allowed to carry weapons or narcotics into our apartments.

16. Carrying other objects, extra beds, appointments, devices or machines into our apartments is allowed only with the consent of Owners of apartments. The same rule is valid for any kind of equipage that is usually not of use within the household (equipage for sport, diving, fishing or hunting).

17. Animals (pets) are not allowed into our apartments.

18. Guests are not allowed to take out any apartment equipment without permission of apartment Owners.

19. Guests have to take care of their things and valuables, themselves. The Owners of apartments will not be responsible for any loss of guests things or valuables.

20. The Owners of apartments are always at guest’s disposal so one is free to refer to them for any information.