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In Stanici you can rent:

- boats, pedalling boats, sailing boards, sea scooters


We suggest these activities in Omis:

- visit famous Radmanove mlinice in canyon of the river Cetina (6 km from Omis), by your own car or motor "train" or by boats from Omis to Radmanove mlinice and back

- visit castle with tower Mirabella (Peovica) above old part of Omis

- rafting on river Cetina

- fishing tours with fisherman boats

- tours to island Brac

      What to see in Omis (taken from the web pages of the Tourist Board of Omis):


Fortress Mirabela (or Peovica)


mirabelaProtected area of city of Omiš is located within the boundaries: from the chapel of St. Nicholas next to the Cetina River, by the river to the new (curently only) bridge, across Fošal  street along the coast to the town harbor, up the walls of fortress Turjun including the town cemetery and rampart, spine of Peova hills, north side of the fortress Peovica up to Sv. Nicholas chappel on the Cetina river. Thus fenced part of Omis is a medieval part of the city which was surrounded by city walls and towers of which fortress Peovica the highest final part, and dates from the 13th century. Buildings in this part of Omis were built from the 16th to the 19th century. And the styles include Renaissance to folk architecture of the 19th century.

The very role of the fortress Peovica or Mirabela is a reconnaissance. From the fortress overlooks the whole of the old city, Punta and Priko, and the entire Brac channel. It is then the local population provided outstanding protection from the enemy, and we all know how were strong Omis pirates. The very environment of fortress allows scouts to the entire city and the whole area of fortress is nicely decorated. The castle consists of four floors and exit to the top with a beautiful view. Let these photos help evoke fortress "Mirabela" or "Peovica"

TICKET PRICE: 15 kuna (2 EUR)


Fortress Fortica


The whole rich and detailed history of piracy clearly illustrates the fortress FORTICA, together with fortress Mirabela or Peovica. Fortress Fortica is located at the top of Dinara Mountain. For piracy that was very important, because it is the one place form thay could monitor a large area on land and at sea. Specifically with towers Fortress offers a view of the entire city, Cetina canyon to the islands of Brac, Hvar, Solta, and also Middle Poljica.

The very purpose of the fortress was to defend against enemies. Fortress is primarily used for shelter in the event that the Omis was surrounded from fortress thay would be able to control whole city of Omis, and thus to destroy the enemy by throwing large stones to city downhill. Today we can be proud that it did not happen and we can enjoy the charms of this beautiful Dalmatian town.

From the city center you can get to the fort with well made path with signposts, so no need to worry about the lose. By the fortress can be reached on foot from the town, through the village Baučići and climb the fort for 20 minutes and enjoy the beautiful view.


Parish Church of St. Michael


The parish church in Omis is dedicated to St. Michael. It was built at the beginning of the XVII. century, as evidenced by the Latin inscription on the side door. The bell tower was completed in the eighteenth century. The church was built by local builders, and combines features of Gothic, Renaissance and early Baroque. In the niche above the luxurious stone entrance there is a statue of St. Michael and rose window. On the walls of the church are the coats of arms of Venetian noblemen and the coat of arms of the city of Omis. Stone coats of arms can be seen in the homes of wealthier families, and portraits of prominent nobles in altarpieces in the church.


The main altar in the parish church,
Descent of the Holy Spirit, Palma the Younger (1544-1628),
The stoning of St. Stephen, Palma the Younger and assistants,
Gold-plated silver monstrance with seven glasses of rock crystal, XVI. Century.
Our Lady of the Rosary, I Ingo, XVII. c.
Crucifix, Juraj Petrovic, XV. c.
Sv. George and St. Jelena, I Ponizni- Poncun, XVII. c.
The statue of St. Michael above the portal of the parish church,
Coat of arms of the town of Omis in front of the parish church,
Rosette over the entrance to the parish church,
Portal Parish Church 


Church of St. Peter


Crkva svetog Petra na PrikuChurch of St. Peter in part of Omis called Priku is located on the right bank of the river Cetina, in the documents was first mentioned in 1074., during the reign of King Slavac. In the church were built early stone Christian elements (capitals, lintel, stone bars on the windows). Near the church there was a Benedictine monastery, and then a Franciscan monastery. Archbishop of Split Pacific Bizza (1696th-1756th) founded in 1750. the Glagolitic seminary, which was abolished in 1879.


City Museum


The most important monuments, which are kept in the City Museum of Omis:
Stone fragments with Roman inscriptions from the 33 and 51 BC,
The marble portrait of the Roman emperor Tiberius,
The ancient altars dedicated to Augustus; First century,
Relief on which the Old Italic deity Libera,
Lucius Rubrius Dosenus, I century BC,
The inscription from the time of Emperor Claudius; I. century.
Gold coin of Emperor Arcadius 395th to 408th vol.,
Altar rail, XV-XVI. c.
Ancient relief at the medieval fortress Turjun
The inscription with the gates of the ancient town Oneuma, dedicated to the deity Old Italic Liber,
Marble head of Flora, I. c.
Early Christian relief from Gata, VI. St.,
Early Christian relief from Gata, VI century. View of the Resurrection,
Grave inscription of prince Miroslav, beginning XIII. St. in Bosancica,
Stamp of Omis Prince Kačić XIII. c.
Duku early Baroque in 1579 with miniature portraits of omis delegates,
A collection of self-portraits and portraits of smaller size - Klement Lukin,
Roman tombstone,
Coat of arms of the town of Omis, 1541 vol.,
The coat of arms on the city museum, XV. c.
Venetian coat of arms from 1541 yr.,
The transcript of the Statute of Poljica from 1665,
And so on, ...


The medieval town of Omis

The center of Omis consists houses made of stone connected by narrow streets - streets and squares in which happened entire life. There is the house in which the administration Dalmatian Harmony Singing Festival, with Renaissance window. Also interesting is the Renaissance "House of the happy man", who called the inscription on the arch lintel written in Latin, which in translation says: - I thank you, Lord, I've been in this world." Unlike the east gate, which have been preserved, the West Gate, which were located on the bank of the river, destroyed, along with the walls, in 1862, and the inscription, which once stood at the door, built into the wall on which today leans two houses. On the nearby Despotović home is the inscription in the Croatian language and flagstone from 1811, as evidence of the city square. Square existed before 1811. He was surrounded by stone houses on the north, south and east, and the west side was surrounded by former city wall. On the importance of square sign the pillory of shame located in Smokvica (part of town), for which a capital fixed crest Venetian governor and there seems to be found than in 1617.

Omis has eight churches. The old city walls are the Church of St. Michael, St. Spirit, St. Roch, and outside the walls of the church of St. Peter  in Priko, St. Luke, St. Mary on the old Omiš cementary- Vangrad, a Franciscan monastery with the church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel on Skalice, St. Stephen and the remains of the church of St. John in Borak.


City Beach

Gradska plaža OmišIn the town of Omis there are all kinds of beaches. Thanks to the mouth of the Cetina River in the city center are sandy beaches which are very suitable for families with children because they are shallow.

It is a city beach "Long Beach" which is located in the area of Punta is 1 km long and is the main gathering place for a day in the summer (they say that on this beach in summer is more swimmers than the city having a population). The beach is well decorated, clean and accompanied by additional amenities that will complement your leisure (bars, restaurants, pastry shops, boat rentals, scooter, gondolas and other boats, activities for children, you can watch paratroopers who landed on the beach with nearby Omis Dinara mountain). In summer days are organized on the beach Croatian championship in accuracy landing of paratroopers and there are courts for beach volleyball, which is organized Championship in beach volleyball.


Gradska plaža OmišGradska plaža Omiš




Check out the nautical map of Stanici, Omis and island Brac (2,03 MB)


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